Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations

EdTech slideshow 8- 83bis design studio


The Caisse des Dépôts has launched in partnership with Cap Digital, the ED FAB and with the support of the Maif, an observatory of innovative projects for education. This Observatory collects a wealth of data on all these projects (typologies, content, technology used, funding, performances, etc.), lists and classifies them. They thus extract trends that reveal the health of the educational ecosystem in France. For the launch of this great project, a teaser and demo video of the platform was needed. 

EdTech slideshow 7 - 83bis design studio



  • Recreate in Powerpoint, the interfaces of a site in the test phase and animate them by making believe in a real navigation on an online site.
  • Create, always in Powerpoint, a fun and modern animation to explain the why and show the how of the project.
EdTech slideshow 6 - 83bis design studio
EdTech slideshow 5 - 83bis design studio

1″25 min vidéo
5 days of motion design
35 slides