Smart Cities

Netexplo Smartcities 2 - 83bis design studio


The digital Think Tank has become, through its explorations, its project sourcing and its network deployed within the largest universities around the world, an expert in the subjects of technological innovations put at the service of our societies. They pass on their knowledge through publications, masterclasses, training courses, conferences, etc.

Among these subjects, that of technology in the service of urban space and mobility is the subject of an annual forum called Netexplo, Smart Cities.

Netexplo Smartcities 6 - 83bis design studio
Netexplo Smartcities 12 - 83bis design studio



  • We are pleased to support Netexplo since its inception, on the management of its slideshows, the coordination and the distribution of the contents of the very many speakers present during the forums.
  • Make the coverings, titles, synths and generic loops for the plenary space and exterior screens
  • Receive and organize the contents of the speakers (presentations, videos)
  • Make the different file formats compliant
  • Smooth speaker presentations to the Netexplo charter and manage author's corrections
  • Broadcast content during plenary sessions
Netexplo Smartcities 11 - 83bis design studio
Netexplo Smartcities 4 - 83bis design studio


12 days of preparation
2 days of show
26 different speakers
15 vidéos
1024 broadcasted slides