Emporio Armani

Venise Evénement

Emporio Armani slideshow 6 - 83bis design studio


Like all the brands in the L'Oréal group, Emporio Armani organizes its IRs every year, an opportunity to take stock of the past year and present the objectives and launches for the coming year. That year, the Venice Event Agency decided to trust us for the production of the projected video background.

Emporio Armani slideshow 3 - 83bis design studio



  • Coordinate the content of the different product managers
  • Organize the message and iconographic content
  • Create very luxurious visual aids, playing with the brand's signature “A”, to support the speeches of the speakers
  • Ensure the on-site distribution of the keynotes of the brand's teams
Emporio Armani slideshow 4 - 83bis design studio


2h show
+ 200 boards produced
43 broadcasted boards
10 days of preparation at the customer's site