Sinouhé Immobilier

Digitalization launch animation

Sinouhé slideshow 17 - 83bis design studio


This Real Estate group characterized by the plurality of its divisions has undertaken, in order to alleviate internal communication issues, to digitize most of its tools.
This large-scale project, divided into several stages, spread over several years and having a strong impact on all production processes, requires significant training and educational work.

Sinouhé slideshow 19 - 83bis design studio


  • Create from a Powerpoint presentation, a video of simple and didactic explanation of the project, its different stages, and its implications.
    This video will be produced entirely in PowerPoint in order to guarantee flexibility and responsiveness in the event of changes or updates.
  • Support in the organization of speech and iconographic elements
  • Submission of storyboards
  • Creation of illustrations in the spirit of flat design, defined by the client
  • Choice of sound track
  • Motion design of slides
  • Creation of an animated video
Sinouhé slideshow 5 - 83bis design studio
Sinouhé slideshow 6 - 83bis design studio


2'45 '' animation
8 days of work, corrections and adjustments included
48 slides